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I’m John Mireles, the founder and chief troublemaker of this website. All of the contracts here are not only inspired by my long experience as a photographer, they’re also borne of my previous experience working in the field of commercial litigation. Before I became a photographer, I had the opportunity to handle all manner of lawsuits, big and small, working as a claims specialist for Farmers Insurance Exchange. In that experience, I learned the intracacies of litigation and lawyering as well as experiencing firsthand the challenge of dealing with vengeful litigants.

As I advanced in my photography career, I realized that the contracts available through trade associations or free through the web were woefully inadequate to cover the range of issues that I encountered in actually working with clients. Because I am not a lawyer, I worked closely with a specialist in contracts and business litigation to craft contracts and legal documents that would best protect my business.

The end result are specially prepared contracts that stand ready to protect you when it matters most. No small task to be sure however, the Toolkit Contracts have been put to the test by thousands of photographers since I introduced them in 2007. Because of their widespread use, they’ve become the de facto standard in the profession.

Why Free Is the Most Expensive Option
Yes, you could continue to use your contract downloaded from some random photographer's website, but before too long, you’re likely to discover that free is actually by far and away the most expensive option. I’ve seen so many situations that could have been easily resolved with a $49 purchase that instead blew up in a huge expense of time and money. When that free contract fails to do it’s job, you’ll realize just how expensive it actually has become. Unfortunately, by the time your problems begin to surface, it’s too late.

To be sure, there are other attorney-prepared contracts out there. None of them occupy the role of industry standard that the Toolkit Contracts legitimately claim. Besides, attorney’s know and understand the law; what they don’t see are the day-in and day-out challenges of being a photographer. It’s hard to protect against something that you don’t know about.

Everything You Need
Finally, the Toolkit Contracts have the extra elements necessary to support your business. The Portrait Kit contains a Pre-Shoot guide that you can send to your clients to help them prepare for their photo session. The Commercial Kit contains not only an assignment agreement, but an expense worksheet, change order and list of questions to help you work through the estimating process with the client. Our most popular kit, the Wedding Photography Contract, includes both ready-to-print versions as well as a completely modifiable Word version set up as a form for you to list all of the details of your booking - from coverage times to locations and deliverables.

You’ve made the investment in equipment and skill, now back it up with the terms and conditions that WPPI has declared to be the "best in the business." 

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