Wedding Photography Contract

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The Toolkit Wedding Contract Kit not only contains the legal terms and conditions necessary to protect your business, it's all set to present to the client and help you to look like a pro. The Kit comes ready to print as a PDF as well as an MS Word Document set up as a form for easily inputting client information. Best of all, you can easily add your logo and make whatever changes your business may require.

The Customer Details Page includes fields for:

- Both Client's Names 
- Wedding Date
- Start, Ceremony and Finish Time
- Booking Details
- Prices & Amounts Due
- Payment Schedule

The real value in this Customer Service Agreement lies in the experience-driven Terms and Conditions on the following pages:

- Cancellation Definition and Terms
- Postponement Definition and Terms
- Other Professional Photographers Limitations
- Non-responsibility for Specific Images
- Notice of Photojournalistic Approach
- Failure to Pay Provisions
- Client Cooperation Requirements
- Failure to Cooperate Provisions
- Archiving Fees for Unapproved Work
- Termination of Contract
- Sole Photographer Notice
- Copyright Ownership Notice
- Model Release and Client Obligations With Respect to Guests Being Photographed
- Meals for Photographer & Crew
- Illness and Injury Stipulations
- Dangerous Conditions and Harassment by Guest Clause
- Collections
- Limits of Liability
- Jurisdiction
- Liquidated Damages

 The Toolkit Wedding Contract Kit is both Mac and Windows compatible. The Terms and Conditions were created to be compliant with US law. However, because Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand share similar legal traditions, it may be applicable for use in those countries as well. Our notice is the same to all customers: Always have important legal documents reviewed by an attorney familiar with your business and the laws of the jurisdiction in which you do business. No one contract will work equally for everyone everywhere.

Last but not least, having a professionally written and presented contract helps build trust with your clients. Add to your cart now to protect your business and look good at the same time!