Toolkit Wedding Pricing Kit

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  • Toolkit Wedding Pricing Kit
  • Toolkit Wedding Pricing Kit
  • Toolkit Wedding Pricing Kit
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Included in this kit are:

- The Toolkit Wedding Profit Calculator

- How to Price Wedding Photography ebook by John Mireles 

- The Toolkit Wedding Pricing Guide Template in Photoshop and InDesign.

The heart of this kit is the Wedding Profit Calculator software created by John Mireles. This simple-but-revolutionary new software is the first product ever to allow wedding photographers to quickly, easily and without any advanced knowledge determine how much they're earning per wedding and per year. This is not a spreadsheet that requires you to input all kinds of data. Instead, the program will guide you through your products by asking simple questions that you can answer with nothing more than your price list.

Using the Profit Calculator, you'll know exactly:

- How much you're earning per hour in your business

- How much you're earning per wedding

- How many weddings you need to book to reach your financial goals

- What it costs you to process files from each wedding

- What your costs are for each booking

- What you should be charging for each hour that you work in your business

- The difference in what you're earning in profit verses your labor

- How much credit card processing is costing you

- How your profit margins compare to industry standards

Most of all you'll have all the information you need so that you can make the pricing decisions to allow you to achieve your financial goal. If you offer albums (which you should), you'll find that your job is made even easier because pricing from many of the major album companies such as Graphis, Finao, Leather Craftsmen etc has been entered into the program. You'll know just how much your albums cost you without having to do any work!

But wait, there's more!
Also included in this kit is the easy-to-follow How to Price Wedding Photography book with instructions and tips for creating a pricing structure that's not only more profitable, but make for happier clients as well. What's covered are details on how to price coverage, packages, additional services as well as sections on the psychology of pricing and pricing strategies for businesses both new and established. The book alone is worth the price of admission.

A Better Looking Pricing Guide
Sadly, most photographer's pricing sheets are tragically designed lists of prices that do little to help the client buy nor do they leave a good impression. Enter the Toolkit Wedding Pricing Template! The template is based upon the principles outline in the How to Price Wedding Photography book and comes ready to use in either Photoshop or InDesign. It's not just a good looking template, which it is, it's also contains a time-tested structure for laying out your prices. 

Sure, you could take years to figure out the best way to present your prices and then pay a designer hundreds of dollars to come up with an attractive design, or you can pick ours up for a mere fraction of the cost and start plugging in your numbers in about ten minutes.

Ready to Download
Order now! You'll receive the entire kit via download so you'll be working away just about the time you put your credit card away.